Vöhl meeting and holiday trip

First, a Suzuki LJ80 meeting in Vöhl, Germany, together with a group of LJ80-friends. And then a short vacation trip with the LJ80 together with my good friend Friedel!


Beforehand I had asked Friedel if he wanted to join me, and he was quite willing to. I had set myself a four-day route from Vöhl in the direction of Frankfurt and from there to Luxembourg, and then through Belgium back home. But as a total surprice Friedel has set a truly scenic route on the sly, which was slightly shorter, but an absolute must in terms of scenery!


Started in the Sauerland (Vöhl) southbound to Marburg in the Westerwald direction. We cross the Wispertal and stay at the Lahn river, in town Runkel.
The next day, we arrive at the Rhine river after many beautiful hairpins in a dense forest. We follow the Rhine downstream to Sankt Goarshausen to cross the river with a ferry. From there we go straight into the hills of the Hundsrug. We drive the most beautiful hairpins en seeing the most beautiful scenery on the way to the Mosel river. Also this river we follow a couple of miles to cross the river in Cochem. From there we follow the river in the opposite direction to cross it again in Bullay headed to the campsite. The next morning we continue our journey towards the west across the Eifel. On the way we turn towards the north to arrive ultimately at Monschau. Then we continue our way through the Belgian Hoge Venen, the least beautiful part of the whole route. Then we came in Limburg, the Netherlands, and drove to our friends Dagmar and Piet to stay there for the night. The next morning after a good breakfast,Friedel and I said goodbye to drive home our own way… a fantastic four-day holiday trip has come to an end!