Limburg treffen

This time, it were Piet and Dagmar who invited us to come to the south of the Netherlands. The weeks before the meeting it was only raining, but the days before we met the rain stopped and the sun came back!

We had a great weekend with great friends, good drinks and food, and a wonderful tour trough the area!
In the morning the local Suzuki dealer invited us to come to them for coffee and cake! That was cool, and i think they have never seen that much LJ80 at the same time!

We drove about 120 this saturday, and we stopped several times to get a drink and eat, or to buy a icecream. On the way back home we stopped at the local supermarket to buy some meat for the grill.

I would like to thank Dagmar and Piet for the hospitality and organization!
And special thanks to Hildegard, as my assistant photographer while driving!



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