To finish the year in style, Joe organizes an annual year-end barbecue. It was cold, it was cozy, and it was worth repeating (again)!
I drove (by invitation) on Friday night to Friedel, Inge and Hildegard. The next day, the four of us to traveled to Joe. We drove a beautiful route through the Sauerland, and along the way we stopped at Mike’s place for a cup of coffee. After the coffee we drove further with 7 people, and near Winterberg we made a brief stop in the snow before we drove the last piece to Joe’s place.

Once at Joe, it was a warm welcome. There were about 20 to 25 people, and it was nice to see many people after a long time!
We ate bread with sausages and salad, and drank coffee, hot wine or beer. We talked a lot, and we agreed to meet each other even more next year!

I want to thank Joe for the organization, and special thanks to Friedel, Inge and Hildegard for the hospitality! It was fabulous!


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