NK Off Road Racing, Maas en Waal

Last weekend the forth race of the Dutch Off Road Racing championship was held in the Maas en Waal area. 13 Special stages on 3 locations on a dry land. You can see the picturs here:

IMG_9069 IMG_9500



Offroad-Abenteuer für Geländewagen und Quads

Driving 1.600 km in a weekend to meet some other LJ80 owners… Yes, i did it!
In total 11 Suzuki’s LJ80 showed up at the “Offroad-Abenteuer für Geländewagen und Quads” in Hottingen, in the south of Germany. But there was more to see, like a lot of 4×4’s and quads who showed there skills on the little terrain.


Mathias, the big man behind this event!

It was nice to meet new friends, and it was worth it to drive that far for only a weekend!

Pictures are here!