‘New’ Soft Doors

For a couple of years ago, i bought a set of soft doors in Belgium. Without the hinges, the doorhandle from one of the doors was completely rusted and didn’t work at all, you couldn’t see anything trough the windows, and the frames were all rusted, there was some work to do!

The old doors...

The old doors…

When we go to the Alps this summer, i want to take these doors with me, in stead of the metal doors. When the weather is good, i can take the doors out of the car and put them on top of the trailer! 😀

So i have to restore the doors…
I visit a upholstery company, and asked what it should cost to restore the doors. We agreed on a price, and dismantled the doors so i could get the frames back home to get rid of the rust and repaint them. When i got the frames ready, i bring them to the upholstery company, and one week later they call me the doors were ready!

I’m very happy with the result! They look original, only the fabric is different and they are now black in stead of the original grey!



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