Electronic Ignition

Yesterday i was visiting Leon, Ils and Jesse to pick up some parts for my LJ80. It turned out a little meeting, because Piet & Dagmar, and Erwin also went by for some parts, a little talk and drink coffee!

I picked up a electronic ignition from a Suzuki Samurai, which i directly mounted on the LJ80. WOW, that was easy! Within 10 minutes the job was done!
First thing noticed is that my LJ80 runs much smoother stationary! And on the way home (late afternoon) the engine was running smoother as normal also. It starts better, and it takes less more time to get the 100 km/h on the clock!
Wow, i should have done this mod years earlier!

I also picked some free wheel hubs. Since i mounted discbrakes in front and rear i wanted to mount them, but i can’t find them in the shed anymore… Now i have another pair, and i will mount them in a few days when i find some time.

I further picked up a rear differential as a spare, a alternator (also spare) and some little stuff.

First thing to do now, is wash the LJ80! Because the village where Leon lives was closed due the World Championship Cyclecross we had to drive to his workshop over some dirtroads. And with the loads of rain from the last few days, you can imagine how the LJ looks right now…




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