Blue Monday

It’s Blue Monday, or in Dutch; Depri Maandag!

Well, not for me. I’m just making plans for our next LJ80 trip to the Alps next August! Yes, we are going back! 😀

In the "Große Alpen Strassen Führer" book, written by Harald Denzel, are very nice routes thrue the Alps!

In the “Große Alpen Strassen Führer” book, written by Harald Denzel, are very nice routes through the Alps!

We made this trip back in 2011, and then my engine broke after 3 days… So i had to transport my LJ80 back home, and i made this trip with a rental car. During the trips we made, i was the codriver of Joe. Lees verder


Unsporting behavior

Is this the way Americans do autosport?
In my opinion, they behave ridiculous! Before the rally starts, they say that they have the best cars and they have a good opportunity they can win the Rally. But when the rally starts, they almost immediately have big problems! They say it’s everybody’s mistake, but Lees verder

Good Memories

I made these pictures last juni, in Norway during the Norway Tour. It brings back good memories, it was a great trip with 8 friends and 6 Suzuki’s LJ80!
When you want to see more, please visit the Norway Blog on this website!