4x4WD Testday

A month ago, I received an invitation to participate in a report for the Dutch 4WD Magazine. And the report was made today at the event site, “WaterGoed” near Valburg.

The intention was to test the differences between 3 similar cars. In this case, a Suzuki LJ80 (mine), a Suzuki Jimny, and a Suzuki Vitara.
Actually it was the intention to test four cars, but the owner of a Suzuki Samurai had canceled at the last minute…

We had fun, we have done several tests, and we have found that some differences were remarkably, and some are less obvious.

Of course, the coffee and lunch catered fine! The day was over before we knew it.

Now it is up to the reporter to make a coherent story out of it. The report is published in the April issue of the 4WD Magazine!

No pictures of my LJ80 in action, because i was driving… maybe there will follow some pics later…



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