This year, the weather forecasters predict a very cold winter in Europe!
Fortunately, my LJ80 has got a free winterscan at the dealership. My LJ is ready! (ok, such a scan gives no guarantee that the LJ will start all winter long without problems!)

Winter in the LJ80

Winter in the LJ80

I was around 12.00 at the dealership, and in 2 hours time there were 76 Suzuki before me for the winterscan! I had to wait about an hour before it was my turn, but they had hot sausages rolls and coffee. And i had the opportunity to look at, and sit in, the brand new SX4 S-Cross! WOW, what a great car it is! I want one! What a beauty, what a space, what a comfort!

After the hour of waiting, the workshop manager came to me and said my LJ is ready for the winter. All fluids are checked, the lights are checked, battery is checked, whipers and whiper fluid is checked, tire profile and pressure is checked, cooling system is checked, and the heating system and ventilation is checked!
Now hoping everything keeps working all winter long!

The manager gives me the keys of my LJ, and said to me: “Your beautiful LJ80 is ready for the winter sir, but i suppose your not driving it all winter long, right?”
Then i told the men it’s my only way of transportation, so i have to! “But that’s no problem, with the hardtop in place it’s pretty warm and cosy inside. And this 33 year old car is strong enough to handle extreme heats and colds!” 😀

However, hopefully we dont get as much snow as in the pictures below!

DSCN03981 DSCN08401 DSCN09832 InTheSnow



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